it's delicious
this hush
that comes with a rush of your breath
the desire of it
this sound that sings
with the scent of your skin
this pounding that comes to the heart at your touch
i would die for you
if i were really stupid
i would cry for you
if i were still young
i would try for you
if i were not such a coward
it's exciting
to believe in love that can tangle my brain
to such a degree
that i forget the sensation of lust
the truth of the truthfulness
that can kill my passion
to a standstill
on a stormy night

when i
in imagination
can have the power to pretend
to take
whatever i want of you
from you
to you
imagination is far more truthful
than any lover
could ever be
i'll keep you
all mine
on any steamy night of my choosing

Mahinarangi Tocker