a breath is a breath
is a sound is a sigh
is a knot in my belly
that I'll never define
I'll take all I get
and get all I give
to be caught in the bow
of a ship I'll not sail
and the season of truth
is a season of change
as abrupt and as sharp
as a thunderous rain

a kiss is a kiss
is a heart beat to rest
in a clotted vein best

and my song is your song
a verse of a chorus
to be with you and under
we walk the hand walk
and we talk the mouth smooth
to the end of an earth
that I don't realise
in adventures and toil
you'll be precious to spoil
and I'll lay in your arms
to hide
away from avoidance
away from the known
that make me forgive
what I need to forget
as in wild winter
as winter in wild
here we are stormed
and treacherous...
to lie in together
you die in my lap
we are wrapped in deception
and truth...

a sigh is a sigh is a breath is a breath is a knot in my belly that I cannot digest...

Mahinarangi Tocker