living next door to the god of love

if you should ever
meet my neighbour
you would probably
never guess
that he is the god of love

he looks like an ordinary man
with an ordinary car
in front of an ordinary house
in an ordinary street

despite all that
he is the god of love

he has lived like this
over centuries
living next door
to people like me
but behind closed doors
he weaves
his own type of magic

he has used
different names
over the years
- Eros
Barry White

he has used
different weapons
over the years
- arrows

but the results
are always the same

for the last two years
his name has been

I don't know
what his current
weapon of choice

I haven't been inside
his home
but I have stood
at his front door
and seen his hallway
- long and deep red
as a tulip -
the walls crowded
with photos of
nameless couples

"I live next door"
I said
"Welcome to the neighbourhood"

"I am the god of love"
he said
and looked deep
through my eyes

we stood there
for a minute
or more

"Thank you"
I told him

Paula Harris

Published in JAAM 31
November 2013