Coitus Interruptus

After kissing and touching
The kind of kissing and touching
That is leading to something
I reached for my bag
And I suddenly thought
- Fuck, I left my condoms at home
And so quietly I said to him
- Baby, have you got a condom
And he mumbled a reply
Reaching over to his drawer
Pulling out a box and turning it upside down
But nothing fell out
And he said
- Fuck, I’ve run out
And I said
- Fuck
And he gave me that stupid look that means
- Baby, couldn’t we just this once . . .
And I gently slapped him over the head meaning
- Don’t even think about it
And we sighed quietly
And I said
- Oh well, it doesn’t really matter I guess
And I thought
- Fuck I’m horny and I want you but there are
no fuckin’ condoms
And we rolled over and fell asleep
Our bodies pressed together

Paula Harris

Published in JAAM 6
February 1997
Published in woman, phenomenally